Golden Fable album launch | October 19, 2014

We’re really excited to be playing at the album launch of our friends Golden Fable on 14th November. The venue is Galeri 3B in Wrexham, one of the really nice performance/gallery spaces reclaimed by artists and musicians after the death of the high street, thanks Amazon!

We will also have a CD available with some songs we’ve recorded in a room like the one below, which coincidentally had exactly the same equipment, people and mood of panicked self doubt in it.


Let them know you’re coming on this Facebook page.

Meanwhile, here is the ace new Golden Fable song+video from their new album (buy it from a shop, or from them, or alternatively learn the songs and record your own versions, they won’t be as good, but they will be free, unless you think “time is money” in which case it may work out to be quite an expensive venture actually and that you should have just bought it from them in the first place):